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Advanced Options

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The Advanced Options window can be accessed via the Help menu within Instant Demo.  The following advanced options are available:

Temporary Files Location
This sets the location for any temporary files created by Instant Demo during the recording process. Recording screen activity requires a large amount of disk space, as such you may wish to change this location to another disk drive.

Export Timing Data
When checked, any movie you save will also have an associated *_timing_data.txt file. This file will contain a line for each frame of your movie with the following information:
Frame Number, Frame delay, Frame deleted (Y/N), Talk bubble text.
This file may be processed by a scripting language or imported into a spreadsheet program and modified accordingly.  Any changes to the file are automatically applied each time you load the associated idemo project file.  Changes do not become permanent until you re-save the idemo project.

Enable Sync Sound
When checked, this option will allow you to synchronize any sound file via the 'Synchronize sound' option in the Instant Demo editor.  By default (unchecked) only sound recorded with Instant Demo can be synchronized.  Enable this option if you wish to synchronize a sound track recorded with an earlier version of Instant Demo (v4.00 or below).

Continue Playing
When checked, the Flash playback controls skip ahead, skip back and the scrollbar will not pause your movie when operated.  The default behavior of these controls is to pause your Flash movie when they are operated by the viewer.

Continuous Recording
When checked, this option alters the default screen recording behavior of Instant Demo.  When checked, this option will force Instant Demo to generate additional frames during periods of idle screen activity.  Use this option if you wish to have finer control over editing the captured video or sound. 

Controls Over Demo
When checked, this option places the Flash playback controls over the top of your demonstration.  This is useful if you wish to show a full screen recording on a computer with the same full screen dimensions.  When unchecked, the controls are placed above or below the presentation.

Allow Keyboard Control
By default Instant Demo provides keyboard shortcuts for the Flash playback controls.  When creating interactive presentations that require keyboard input, this option should be un-checked.

Allow Re-sync
When checked, this option allows you to manually define sub-movie boundaries for long Flash presentations in the Professional Style Window (Frame Effects section).  See the Professional Style Re-sync option for more information.

Alt+P pauses recording
When unchecked the Pause/Break hotkey is used to start and pause a recording session. Check this option to use Alt+P as the start and pause hotkey to avoid conflict with other applications.

Use SWF container
Use this option if the Flash playback controls do not work correctly in your presentation manager or web page.  When checked, Instant Demo will create an additional file called <project>_main.swf.  This file must be published to the same folder as <project>.swf.

Show Total Time
When checked, this option will display the total play time alongside the current time position in the Flash playback controls. The time display must be enabled in the Flash settings for this option to take effect.

Large Controls
When checked, this option will display the Flash playback controls at twice normal size.

Use / Save Custom Defaults
This option allows you to set your own Custom Default Settings for all projects. To set the custom defaults, open any Instant Demo project and change the settings to the desired defaults. Click on the Save Custom Defaults button in the Advanced options window to save your custom default settings. Now check the Use Custom Defaults to automatically apply the settings to each subsequent project opened. Note that the original settings are not altered in any project until it is (re)saved. You can always revert back to the original settings for a project by un-checking the Use Custom Defaults option.

Delay Scale
This value scales the default display time calculated when entering your talk bubble text in the Instant Demo editor.  If you wish to shorten the default display time then use a value below 1.0. To increase the default display time, use a value above 1.0. For example a value of 0.5 will halve the display time, a value of 2.0 will double the default display time. The default value is 1.0.

Delay Minimum
This sets the minimum display time of a talk bubble (in one hundredths of a second - 1/100s). The default is 300 (3 seconds).

Fixed FPS
When this value is set to zero, Instant Demo calculates a default Flash frame rate based on the length of your movie.  You can override this default by assigning a non zero value here.  For example a value of 20 will ensure that your Flash movie will be exported at a fixed 20 frames per second.

SWF Delay Scale
This value scales the talk bubble display time for all talk bubbles in your exported Flash movie.  Note that changing this value may result in loss of sound synchronization. The default value is 1.0.

Playback Speed
This value sets the overall playback speed of your movie.  To slow down the playback rate of your movie use a value below 1.0. To increase the playback rate use a value above 1.0. For example a value of 0.5 will halve the playback seed, a value of 2.0 will make your movie play twice as fast. The default value is 1.0.

Noise Filter
This value allows you to filter out visual noise in your screen capture when exporting to Flash.  If you have visual noise in your original screen capture or you wish to ignore small localized visual changes (to improve final compression), then use this option.  The value entered is the threshold on the number of localized pixels that have changed from one scene to the next. For random noise a value of 5 or less will improve compression dramatically.  The default value is 0 (disabled).

Search for Long Delays
This option enhances the default Ctrl-Left and Right Arrow search behavior of the Movie Scrollbar. When checked, clicking on the scrollbar arrows whilst holding down a Ctrl key will advance or rewind the movie to the next frame containing an edited frame or the next frame with a delay greater than the one specified.  This option allows you to quickly find any unwanted pauses in your screen recording.

Zoom/Pan Rate
This option sets the maximum Zoom/Pan duration in 1/100th of a second.  Use a higher value to slow down the zoom/pan.  The default value is 200 (2 seconds).

Compression Granularity
This option sets the minimum update region for SWF compression.  Smaller values will provide better compression however it may truncate your Flash export due to resource limitations.  If your Flash export exceeds the number of allowable Flash objects, then try setting this to a higher value.

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