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You can publish your Instant Demo demonstration directly to your website using the Publish button.  This option becomes available once you have exported your presentation to a web friendly format via the Create button.

You can publish your presentation to a web site (via FTP) or to YouTube.

Web Site (via FTP)

User name and password: The username and password required for the remote web site.

Remote web site location: Enter the address of the remote web site that you want to publish to.  For example

FTP directory: Enter the path to the destination folder in the remote web site. For example httpdocs/demos.

Include HTML Template: Check this option if you also want to publish the html template file created by Instant Demo.

Use the Advanced button to alter the Advanced FTP Settings.


Video Title: Enter the title of the video to be shown on YouTube.

Description: Enter the description of the video to be shown on YouTube.

Tags: Enter a series of comma separated words or phrases that best describe the video.  The tags are used by search engines.

Publish as: Enter the publish status of the video.  This can be public, private or unlisted.  Private videos can only be shared with a defined list of users.  Unlisted videos can be shared with anyone, however the link is not displayed publicly in YouTube.

Generate HTML: Check this option to generate an embedded HTML template for your YouTube video.  The HTML can be used to display the YouTube video on your own website.  Click on the HTML Settings button to further customize the appearance of your embedded video.

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