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Instant Demo Studio

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The Instant Demo Studio is a clip based multiple eventline editor.  You can export from any eventline, allowing you to edit multiple projects all in one window.  You can cut, copy and paste clips between eventlines.  There is full Undo/Redo support for all clip edits.  You can add other .idemo projects to the studio via File - Add to project... Ctrl+T.

Most editing functions are available from the main menu or by right clicking on a eventline or clip.  You can select multiple clips by left click and drag, or automatically select a group of clips by repeatedly left clicking on a clip.

Gaps between clips are allowed on the eventline.  Instant Demo will automatically jump gaps when navigating or exporting.

Studio keyboard shortcuts:

Jump to next eventline.

Jump to end of clip / next clip.

Jump to beginning of clip / previous clip.

Home / End
Jump to start / end of eventline.

Up / Down / PgUp / PgDn
Scroll studio view up / down.

Ctrl+  Up / Down / PgUp / PgDn / Mouse wheel
Zoom eventline out / in

Shift+  Up / Down / PgUp / PgDn / Mouse wheel
Scroll studio view left / right

Ctrl+ Shift+  Up / Down / PgUp / PgDn / Mouse wheel
Decrease / increase clip height

Mouse wheel
Move to next / previous frame.

Space bar
Stop preview.

The Movie Scrollbar keyboard shortcuts are also available in the Studio window.

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