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MP3 / ADPCM Sound Encoding

[ Create - Export Settings... Alt+F - Sound tab ]

Instant Demo supports two encoding formats - MP3 and ADPCM.  MP3 encoding is the preferred option as this creates higher quality audio for a given file size compared to ADPCM.  MP3 however does have certain licensing requirements and you may need a broadcasting license depending on the final application of your Instant Demo movie (click here for more information or visit  An mp3 encoding license* is included with each Instant Demo license purchased. 

Sound effects such as keyboard and mouse click sounds are always encoded using ADPCM.  There are no licensing requirements for ADPCM encoding.

Compression type

Use this option to select MP3 or ADPCM encoding.  There is also an option to not include sound in your demonstration.

Compression preset

Instant Demo offers five sound compression presets and a custom preset for each compression type.


For MP3 this settings specifies the maximum bit rate of the compressed sound.  For ADPCM this setting specifies the number of bits used to encode the audio data.  In both cases a higher bit rate gives better quality sound and poorer compression.  A lower bit rate gives higher compression and poorer quality sound.  


The number of audio channels to encode (stereo or mono).

Sample frequency

The output sample frequency of your encoded audio file.  Instant Demo performs a high quality sample conversion (if required) during the encoding process.  Lowering the frequency may produce poorer quality sound depending on the frequency range of the sound source.  Lowering the frequency will provide higher compression.  Raising the frequency above the source sound file sample frequency is not recommended as this will not improve sound quality, and it will increase the size of your Flash file.  For a typical voice sound track, a sample frequency of 11kHz will provide good compression with little loss in sound quality.

Note:  the sound encoding options described here are applied to your nominated sound files only.

*MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson.  MP3 encoding is performed by the LAME MP3 encoding library (

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