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Important Notice to our Customers

At NetPlay Software we appreciate all comments and suggestions. If you cannot resolve an issue using these support pages, please contact our friendly customer support.

Follow the steps below to find the answers to your


1. Download the Trial Version of Instant Demo

The best way to evaluate Instant Demo is to install it on your system.  The download is less than 15MB and includes the Users Guide plus full Install and Uninstall support.  Instant Demo will run on Windows 2000/2003/XP and Vista.  For best performance we recommend a CPU of 500MHz or more and a good quality graphics card with at least 32MB of video RAM.

2. Get the latest Instant Demo upgrade

If you have bought an Instant Demo license then you may be entitled to a free or discounted upgrade.  Most upgrades contain new features and improved product performance.  Click here to view the complete list of upgrades.

3. View an Instant Demo Demonstration

The Instant Demo tutorials will show you how to create your own instant demo in less than two minutes!  The tutorials were created using Instant Demo and give an excellent example of how you can create your own product demonstrations and tutorials.

4. Read the Instant Demo Users Guide

Instant Demo comes with a complete Users Guide to help you create great demonstrations.  You can view the guide here or download it with the free Trial Version of Instant Demo.  A printable PDF version (Tutorials and Flash content omitted) can be found here.

5. Read our guide on how to "Build a better Demo"

This short guide is full of useful tips on how to turn your demonstrations into a powerful communication tool.

6. Browse our Hints and Tips on creating great demonstrations

The hints and tips section will help you to create the best looking instant demos on the web!  This section is full of great advice on how to get the most out of Instant Demo.

7. Search the Technical FAQ

We are confident that Instant Demo will give you trouble free operation, however not all computer systems are identical.  This section aims to clarify any of the technical questions you may have.

8. View the Instant Demo End-User License Agreement

Click here to view the Instant Demo End-User License Agreement.

9. Contact Instant Demo Support

If you have not found an answer to your question or you would like to make an order enquiry, then contact our friendly customer support.



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