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Instant Demo Hints and Tips

If you plan to publish your demonstration or tutorial on the Internet then we recommend the following tips.  Follow the suggestions below and you will soon be creating some of the best and smallest demonstrations on the web!

Tip #1

Make sure your desktop color resolution is set to True Color (32 bit) for optimal performance (show me how).

Tip #2

Keep the physical dimension of your recording at or below 800x600 pixels.  This will ensure a smooth recording of your demo and guarantee that most Internet users can view your demo correctly on their screens.

If you need to capture in full screen mode, try changing the resolution of your desktop to suit your demo size (show me how).  Also set your system font to 'small fonts' which will reduce the window size of your applications, allowing you to capture at a lower desktop resolution (show me how).

Tip #3

You can keep the mouse only movements in your demo with very little file size overhead.  The mouse image is captured only once by Instant Demo and then 'moved' around for the rest of the movie.  The same applies to some transition scenes.  Instant Demo only captures the changed portion of the display, so some transition scenes (such as selecting from a popup menu) will not add much to the final size of your demo.

Tip #4

Use a solid background color for your desktop (show me how).

Tip #5

Try to avoid moving any Windows (opening and closing is fine) during the recording of your demo.  This may lead to a larger than necessary demo file size.

Tip #6

In Windows XP, you may like to use the 'Windows Classic' coloring theme to improve the final size of your movies (Show me how).

Tip #7

If bandwidth usage on your website is not a priority, then try increasing the quality of your demo in "Create->Custom->Settings..." by increasing the number of colors used to 500 or more.  Instant Demo takes full advantage of Adobe streaming technology, so even large demos will load and play immediately in the viewer's browser. 

Tip #8

When clicking a mouse button during recording, hold down the button for at least half a second.  This allows the viewer to see the Windows response to your mouse click, such as a depressed button or a selected item.

Tip #9

Don't rush your demo.  It costs very little in file size to display an unchanging scene.  Allow your audience time to absorb the information you are presenting to them.  When watching your own demo, if you cannot read the text in your talk balloons twice before moving onto the next frame, then your demo is moving to fast. 

Tip #10

Give your viewers time to absorb visual information.  When opening a new window or a complex dialog, provide a small delay of about 4 or 5 seconds before displaying your annotated text.

Read our guide on how to "Build a better Demo"

This short guide is full of useful tips on how to turn your demonstrations into a powerful communication tool.

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