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Instant Demo Demonstrations

Click on the links below to view the instant demo recordings of Instant Demo: 

Feature demonstration with sound

This demonstration takes you through a complete recording and editing session with Instant Demo.  It also highlights  many of the unique features available within Instant Demo.

View broadband version.

View Zoom and Pan version.

View dialup version.

Text Box Styles

Shows a small selection of text box styles that you can create with Instant Demo.

View Adobe Flash version.

TrakMouse(TM) presentation with sound

A 2 minute presentation showing single click zoom and pan.

View Adobe Flash version.

View YouTube version.

Eventline editing with Instant Demo Studio

A 3 minute presentation showing the benefits of the Instant Demo Eventline Editor.

View broadband version.

View YouTube version.

Instant Demo Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Record an Instant Demo

Shows how to select the recording region on your desktop and to start recording your own demo.  Running time is 86 seconds.  Demo size is 96 KB.

Tutorial 2 - Add annotated text

Learn how to quickly and easily annotate your recorded demo.  Running time is 97 seconds.  Demo size is 150 KB.

Tutorial 3 - Navigating with the scrollbar

Learn how to quickly find edited frames within your demo.  Running time is 75 seconds.  Demo size is 33 KB.

Tutorial 4 - Deleting frames

Discover how to delete one or more frames from your final demo.  Running time is 86 seconds.  Demo size is 52 KB.

Tutorial 5 - Placing mouse hotspots

Create interactive tutorials by placing mouse hotspots in your demonstration. Running time is 75 seconds.  Demo size is 136 KB.

Tutorial 6 - Editing a frame image

Edit any frame in your movie with your favorite imaging software.  Running time is 95 seconds.  Demo size is 137 KB.

Tutorial 7 - Add sound to your demo

Bring your demonstration to life by adding a sound stream to your movie.  Running time is 120 seconds.  Demo size is 74 KB.

Tutorial 8 - Add multiple text - Professional Version

Demonstrates how to use the professional features of Instant Demo.  Running time is 145 seconds.  Demo size is 170 KB.

Tutorial 9 - Add multiple hotspots - Professional Version

Demonstrates how to add multiple interactive hotspots to your movie.  Running time is 185 seconds.  Demo size is 185 KB.

Tutorial 10 - Editing the recorded mouse

Demonstrates how to alter the recorded mouse activity in your movie.  Running time is 109 seconds.  Demo size is 112 KB.

Tutorial 11 - Editing the delay for multiple frames

Demonstrates how to apply a given delay across multiple frames.  Running time is 227 seconds.  Demo size is 81 KB.

Instant Demo Features

Take a look at the comprehensive list of features offered by Instant Demo.

Read our guide on how to "Build a better Demo"

This short guide is full of useful tips on how to turn your demonstrations into a powerful communication tool.

Download the Free Trial Version

The best way to evaluate Instant Demo is to install it on your system.  The download is less than 15MB and includes the Users Guide plus full Install and Uninstall support.

Support Center

Find out more about Instant Demo at the NetPlay Support Center.

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