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Instant Demo Feature Comparison

This chart highlights the features available in the Standard and Professional versions of Instant Demo.


Std Pro Studio  

Supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10


Capture visual changes to your desktop in real time


Convert your screen recording to high quality video.  Support for all major video compression formats.  Allows you to publish to HTML5, Flash, Blu-ray / HDTV, DVD, YouTube and Mobile.

Create SCORM resource packages

MP3 sound compression

Record full screen

Record selected region


Record active window


Record multiple monitors / screens at once

Independent screen and mouse recording

Automatically record mouse movement and appearance


Smoothing of recorded mouse movement


Capture hidden mouse activity

Capture transparent or layered windows effects (e.g., animated help assistants)

Internal 64bit file structure supports videos up to 18000 GB in size

Import AVI files

True color recording and playback


Customized playback controls

Movies exported as Adobe Flash

Optimized for Flash streaming technology


Immediate playback of movie content in web browsers


Flash playback controls can be positioned at top or bottom of Flash movie


Streaming download progress indicator in Flash playback scroll bar


Volume and time position in playback controls


Compatible with Flash 6.0 players or above


Flash movies can be many hours in length


Flash movies support resolutions of up to 3200 x 3072 pixels


Full Screen Button in playback controls for Full Screen presentations in your web browser.

Custom Flash player that supports true full screen presentations

Advanced movie compression techniques


Independent jpeg and lossless compression


Supports Flash 6.0 compression


Optimize output for quality video and sound

Optimize output for small file size


Customize video and sound compression


Publish directly via ftp to your web site

Integrate with favorite image editor


Apply video edits to multiple frames with transparency

Over 30 editor keyboard shortcuts


Instant bookmarks and return to previously edited frame. Streamlines the editing process and improves your productivity.

Add annotated text

Automatic calculation of annotated text display time


Multiple annotated text styles and color

Drop shadows for text and mouse


Add interactive hotspots

Time out delay on hotspots


Multiple hotspot styles and color

Record live sound

Monitor live sound volume

Selectable device for sound recording


Record or import sound during editing

Record or import sound for single or multiple frames


Import WMA, MP3, MIDI, OGG, FLAC, AC3 and many other sound formats.


Audio fully synchronized with video. Combine movies, insert and delete frames, insert talk bubbles, insert hotspots and alter frame delays without loss of sound synchronization

High quality sound processing and noise removal

Automatic volume gain for all sound files.  Provides a professional sound stage for your presentation.

Use Microsoft Speech to narrate annotated text.

Mouse click and keyboard sound effects


Independent sound effect volume


Size reduction for animated web icons


Immediate preview of movie edits

Automatic generation of HTML web pages


Convert movie to executable format

Undo and Redo of movie edits


Zoom / Fade effects for start and end of movie


Enable / disable looping of movie content


Animated mouse clicks


Edit mouse movement

Highlight mouse


Hide mouse capture


Combine multiple Instant Demo recording sessions

Hide or permanently remove deleted frames


TrakMouse™ technology


Zoom and Pan during editing


Pan follows mouse activity


Insert chapters / Animated chapter index


Add custom author information to Flash playback controls


Instant Demo Flash player About menu customization


Add background sound with automatic volume fade in / out.


Synchronize background sound to the end of your presentation.


Add individual frame effects: fade-in/out, cross-fade, highlight and transitional fades


Attach URL hyperlinks to hotpots and frames


Option for Flash 4.0 / 5.0 player compatibility


Overlay other Flash movies and insert Adobe Flash objects


Automatic callout text navigation. Viewer can easily control speed of presentation


Advanced text and hotspot styles


Non-linear playback of movie content


Pause movie when following a hotspot URL


Playback sequencing using Go To Frame


'Image' hotspot style with fade-in/out and transparency


Hotspots may branch to any part of your movie


Hotspots can span multiple frames


'Highlight only' hotspots


Display multiple active hotspots on a frame


Annotated text can span multiple frames


Display multiple text balloons on a frame


Mouse triggered hotspot animation


Mouse triggered text display (when mouse over hotspot)


Programmatically control Instant Demo recording sessions from another application


Studio view with intuitive video eventline clip editing


Studio view supports multiple eventlines


Studio editor is fully integrated with the Instant Demo classic editor - use both editing views at once


Export to Flash or AVI from any eventline


Clips can be copied, cut, resized and trimmed


Drag and drop/paste clips anywhere on the eventline


Drag and drop/paste clips between eventlines


Full Undo/Redo of Studio clip edits


Drag and drop whole eventlines


Insert previous projects as a new eventline


Combine individual projects into a single studio project


Studio editor appearance can be customized in size and color


Multiple language support for talk bubbles.


Create multiple language versions of your presentation in a single eventline


Professional Features

Click here to find out more about the Instant Demo Professional features.

Download the Free Trial Version

The best way to evaluate Instant Demo is to install it on your system.  The download is less than 15MB and includes the Users Guide plus full Install and Uninstall support.

Support Center

Find out more about Instant Demo at the NetPlay Support Center.

How to Order Instant Demo

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